Kane’s images present a contemporary, personal interpretation of culture. He is interested in people with their own take on fashion, who aren’t solely driven by the latest trends but rather clothing that defines who they are as individuals. Whilst Kane takes influence from current and upcoming trends, the images he produces are not reliant on them. He always aims to communicate something of the characters from a unique perspective; the people Kane photographs stand out because they personify an idealised version of himself.


Informed by the music of the 80’s and 90’s that his dad listened to; bands from these era’s such Audioslave, Guns n Roses and Creed, has led to a raw, gritty and confrontational look within Kane’s photography. Taking this influence, he looks to explore a variety of outcomes in his works varying subject matter, through different interpretations and renditions. For Kane fashion is more about standing out from the crowd, being comfortable to express yourself rather than fitting into a homogenised society.


Some of Kane's clients include Vidal Sassoon, Models1, Thomas Sabo, Penfield, Blake Hedley, Stance Socks, RH45 and Tiba + Marl.

Kane’s achievements include being Phase One Certified, a finalist in the AOP Awards, shortlisted for DiversityNOW! 2017, Size? GFW Fashion Photograpy Award 2018, as well as international publishing in magazines such as JON, Solstice, Noctis, Kerrang and Vogue Italia.

Currently available to take on commissioned work.


+44 (0) 7584 161 098